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This page contains links to files we are making available for FTP download. Click on the  file's description to begin downloading.


bulletWorkshop Manager 6 GST Demo (for new users)
bulletWorkshop Manager 6.02 Upgrade (for existing users)
bulletWorkshop 6.07 Patch (for version 6.0 or later users - please read instructions below)
bulletWorkshop Easy Shareware (free full functioning program)
bulletWorkshop Manager Manual 5.1 (MS Word, HTML and Text versions)

Existing users should check this page regularly for minor updates to our GST version

Whenever a bug or change to the software is made it will be made available for download from this site

Disks will only be sent on request or to users who have no Internet connection and there is a charge for this disk service

Patch 6.07
If you download this patch it is critical that you also run the INVPATCH program.
This is included with the 6.07 patch.  This program updates all your data files to 6 digit invoice numbers.  It should only be run once otherwise you risk corrupting your invoice numbers.  Make sure you do a FULL backup of the Workshop program and data before commencing.
If the INVPATCH program does not run automatically or immediately comes up with an error, copy the INVPATCH.EXE file to your workshop data folder (C:\CAMS\WORDATA) and then unzip it.  Run the INVNO6.EXE file and follow the instructions.  If you are not sure how to do any of these steps, please email or ring our support line.





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