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Do you like Workshop Manager, but you want just a few changes?

 Would you like to personalise it for your business?

Have you got a mate who's a programmer and want to modify and sell the software because you know the motor industry and what it needs?

Here's your chance

Until the end of September you can get your own copy of the source code for the Workshop Manager software.  With this you can make changes to suit yourself, fix those annoying things that you don't like, add new reports or information.

All you need is a friendly programmer (or a bit of your own time to learn) and you can customise the software anyway you want.

Why are we selling the source code?

Firstly, we aren't making any further changes to the software.  So if you want it changed, you will have to do it yourself.

But secondly, so you can insure yourself against the need to change programs if you only require a very minor change.  Other workshop software is expensive and complex to operate.  If you own the source code, you can make as many changes as you want and keep upgrading the program to suit yourself and your business.

What do you get?

We are supplying two versions of the source code.  (see sample)

The first is a Personal Edition, allowing you to make changes to your own program, add any new screens, reports or modify the existing ones.  You can't change your registered name or upgrade versions easily (although it is possible).

The second is a full Business Edition, complete with all the source code so you can modify all the features, upgrade your version from Easy to Apprentice or Apprentice to Manager, register new business names and even sell fully licensed copies of the finished software.

Both versions are documented and easy to follow.

Much of the source code is compatible with MS Foxpro, CA Clipper or dBase so it is possible to convert the software to a Windows based package.  You will need a version of CA Clipper or Clipper 87 to compile and link the software after modifications to the source code.  These are commonly available as many programmers started with these packages.  They can be picked up at swap meets or by advertising.

Both versions include manuals, function libraries and documentation required to compile and link the source code.

And the cost?

The Personal Edition is just $198 and the full Business Edition is $990.

If you wish to purchase, send a cheque for the correct amount payable to;

PO Box 276
Mt Evelyn  3796

Your CD will be mailed once the cheque has cleared.

For obvious reasons, we can't send copies for a free trial and payment is not refundable once you have received your copy.  If the CD is faulty, we will replace it free of charge.  We will provide some help in setting up the programming environment, but will not provide technical support for the software after you have made any changes.

(see sample)



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